Education for Health

: 2009  |  Volume : 22  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 423-

Pauline Vluggen Has, Indeed, Made a Difference

CE Engel 
 University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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C E Engel
University of Manchester
United Kingdom

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Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed the privilege and pleasure of working with Pauline Vluggen since she first came to be involved in the work of the Network of Community Oriented Educational Institutions for Health Sciences, the predecessor to today’s The Network: Towards Unity for Health (see I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to add to the account of her outstanding contributions within the Network noted in the previous issue of Education for Health (van Dalen, 2009). In 1988 Pauline joined Henk Schmidt, now Rector Magnificus, Erasmus University, the Netherlands, as co-editor of the Network’s new scientific publication, the Annals of Community-Oriented Education. From 1989 Pauline joint Charles Engel, who is based in London, as his co-editor to continue with the management of the 'in house' publication of the next seven volumes of the Annals. The preparation at Maastricht University for printing and distribution was, indeed, a labour of love for Pauline, done in addition to her managerial tasks for the Network. As an example of the work involved, the last volume of the Annals (No.8) was comprised of 318 pages, and it was by no means the largest volume of the series. From 1996 to 1998 Pauline continued with me to produce the subsequent Volumes 9-11. These were published commercially by Carfax in Britain as three issues per annum under the title Education for Health - Change in Training and Practice.

I owe Pauline a great debt of appreciation for undertaking the time consuming management over eleven years, before an enhanced editorial team took over this publication in 1999.

Copies of the first eleven volumes of the Network’s journal have been deposited in the international archive for the History of Medical and Health Sciences Education in the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Charles E Engel

Hon. Member of the Network

Visiting Professor, University of Manchester, UK


van Dalen, J. (2009). Making a Difference: An Interview with Pauline Vluggen. Education for Health. 22(2). Available at